Linkwood Whisky Fellas 11Y 55.3% ABV

Introducing The Whisky Fellas Linkwood 11-Year-Old, a remarkable expression that exemplifies the elegance and complexity of this revered distillery. Distilled at the distinguished Linkwood Distillery, this 11-year-old whisky has matured to perfection, offering a harmonious balance of age, flavor, and strength.

At an impressive 55.3% alcohol content, The Whisky Fellas Linkwood 11y promises a bold and memorable sensory experience. From the first glance to the final lingering notes, this expression is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every bottle.

Upon nosing, the whisky presents a delightful bouquet of floral aromas, intertwined with subtle hints of honey and fresh fruits. As the liquid graces the palate, an orchestra of flavors unfolds – from the sweet embrace of vanilla and caramel to the nuanced tones of orchard fruits and a gentle touch of oak.

The higher alcohol content amplifies the intensity, delivering a robust and invigorating warmth that enhances the overall tasting journey. The Whisky Fellas have curated this exceptional expression to capture the essence of Linkwood, a distillery known for its commitment to traditional methods and uncompromising quality.

Each bottle of The Whisky Fellas Linkwood 11-Year-Old at 55.3% encapsulates the spirit of Speyside, inviting both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to savor the unique charm of this single malt. Elevate your whisky experience with this carefully crafted expression, and toast to the legacy of Linkwood Distillery. Here's to The Whisky Fellas and the extraordinary journey within every sip. Slàinte!

99,50 €