Neper Absinth 50CL 60% ABV

Introducing Absinthe Neper, a captivating elixir from the Reif Distillery in Germany, boasting a bold and distinctive character with an alcohol content of 60%. This absinthe is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and expertise that defines the art of distillation at Reif.

As you approach the bottle, the mesmerizing green hue captures the essence of the legendary spirit. The aroma is an intriguing blend of botanicals, with the signature scent of wormwood taking center stage. Notes of anise and fennel dance in the background, setting the stage for a truly authentic absinthe experience.

With its 60% alcohol content, Absinthe Neper is a force to be reckoned with. As the louche unfolds, a magical transformation occurs, releasing the vibrant herbal bouquet and revealing the spirit's true complexity. The first sip is an adventure for the senses, as the intense flavors of wormwood, anise, and a subtle hint of citrus take center stage.

Reif Distillery's commitment to traditional absinthe-making techniques shines through in every drop of Absinthe Neper. The balance of botanicals and the meticulous distillation process contribute to a spirit that pays homage to the rich history of absinthe, while also offering a contemporary twist.

For enthusiasts seeking an authentic absinthe experience with a German twist, Absinthe Neper at 60% is a bold and expressive choice. Raise your glass to the Reif Distillery, where heritage and innovation converge in this remarkable green elixir. Prost!

47,00 €