Glaschu Spirits Co Tullibardine 7 yrs 50%


Glaschu Spirits Co is a small independent bottler based in Scotland that focuses on sourcing and bottling unique expressions from distilleries across the country. One of their offerings is the Tullibardine 7 years old, which is bottled at 50% ABV.

Tullibardine is a Highland distillery known for producing a range of single malt whiskies. This particular expression from Glaschu Spirits Co has been aged for 7 years, allowing it to develop a rich and complex flavor profile.

At 50% ABV, this Tullibardine bottling is likely to have a bold and intense character. The higher alcohol content can enhance the flavors and give it a more robust mouthfeel. It may also provide a bit of a kick on the finish.

Overall, Tullibardine 7 years old from Glaschu Spirits Co is a whisky that is likely to appeal to fans of Highland whiskies and those who enjoy a higher proof dram. The 7 years of maturation will have allowed the spirit to develop depth and complexity, making it an interesting and enjoyable sip.

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